Before you start on YouTube: Ask yourself…

I have a question about you, and your new YouTube channel:

How much do you like your channel idea?

Enough to upload once-a-week for two years, straight for zero money?

Let me put it another way…

If YouTube had no creator partner/monetization program, would you still make and upload what you plan to put on the channel?

One vid a week, minimum?

Since my last post, I asked myself this question… and the answer surprised me.

As experienced as I am creating things online, I’d actually managed to develop my latest YouTube idea — and launch the channel (!) without this critical inward check-in question:

“Would you do this just for fun?”

…just for laughs?

…just for the camaraderie?

…just for the respect?

I think PewDiePie would’ve. Agreed?

What about Joe Rogan? I’m pretty sure.

Marques Brownlee?

Kelly Stamps?

Shayna Klee?

Nathaniel Drew?

Ali Abdaal?


Even if you’re familiar with only two or three of these names, I’ll bet you’re agreeing with me: Each of them would likely have done what they do for free.

Let’s face it — most of them did. For like, a lonnng time before ever getting paid for their vids.

My point is this.

Even though you’ve chosen a different, more introverted route to YouTube success than the players above, never do any video for the money.

You need to love your stuff.

Enough to do it for free. For, like, ever.

It has to be in you, or you will be miserable.

Start at min. 2:52 ☝️⏱: “Even if I had all the money in the world…” — Ali Abdaal