A profitable YouTube channel without being on camera — can it be done?

The short answer is: Yes. There are quite a number of faceless YouTube channels already crushing it out there.

But, have you ever had the chance to follow a YouTube channel being built from scratch? I’m talking a zero-dollar start — all the way up to living wage?

Stick around.

The goal is simple: A profitable* (but 100% off-camera) influencer-driven brand.

*let’s call it $10k net per month.

And let me just add a few more stipulations to keep this experiment fun and, most importantly, uncontaminated…

There will be:

  1. No help from previously established channels, websites, or social media
  2. No help from the audience (not even you)
  3. No AI assistance — everything 100% organically created
  4. No use of creepy platforms I don’t care for, like Facebook, IG, Twitter, Tik-Tok…

and… let’s see if I can’t build the entire thing using:

  1. Nothing but my phone.

I’ve started already, btw — uploaded the first vid on the channel this morning (Mon, May 29, 2023). The video was:

  • written
  • produced
  • voiced over
  • music mixed
  • edited, and 
  • uploaded

…all from my phone.

Brand new YouTube channel.

Registered on a new, unassociated Google account.

Zero subscribers.

Is this guaranteed to be a success? Definitely not. I know what I’m doing, but anything newly built (online or off) is always vulnerable to the whims of the evermore unpredictable public.

Still, there’s a good chance you’re about to witness an idea in someone’s head (mine) go from nothing, to a very significant something.

Could you use that kind of intel in your own life and business?

Even if this project sputters to failure, I can promise you’ll pick up some remarkably useful moves you’ve never seen before. You win, either way.

More soon…